Embrace your elements, your emotions, your femininity.


Each scarf is hand crafted, using the finest quality Organic Bamboo Silk which is antibacterial and super soft to the touch.

We developed these scarves with personal growth and healing in mind. 


We worked closely with ‘@kornelia lo’ a master dyer to bring you unique hand dyed products.

Ether Base- Indio and then embossed using metals rinsed in crystals for extra clarity. 


We are governed by the elements, we encompass Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. 

These elements govern our temperaments and emotions. 




ETHER AKASHA - In the formation of the embryo, it is ether that is responsible for allowing change and growth to take place. Ether creates the space for the other elements to fill. That which is the most subtle and difficult to perceive is a function of the element ether. The mind is composed of ether


Direction - West

Rules - visibility, self-expression, acceptance, communication, sound, vibration and speaking one's truth, and is concentrated in the area of the throat, 

Time - Timeless

Season - All

Organs - associated with our hearts, our sixth sense and our physical senses and our brain

Colours - blue, purple, white, transparent

Zodiac - All

Tool - Tarot, Astrology, iChing, Runes, Crystals, Numerology and other forms of divination

Virture - connectedness, intuition, presence, insight to other realms and planes, spirituality, creator of light, weightlessness, imagination

Vices - Aloofness, inconsistency, vagueness, nervousness, lack of meaning of life

Crystals - Amethyst, carnelian, citrine, lapis lazuli, meteorite, moldavite, moonstone, tektite, quartz

Metals - Sulpher, mercury

Plants - Sage, Cedar, Sacred Basil, (Tulsi) and entheogens or psycho active plants

Ruling planet - Jupiter, Saturn




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