Embrace your elements, your emotions, your femininity.


Each scarf is hand crafted, using the finest quality Organic Bamboo Silk which is antibacterial and super soft to the touch.

We developed these scarves with personal growth and healing in mind. 


We worked closely with ‘@kornelia lo’ a master dyer to bring you unique hand dyed products.

EARTH Base- Avocado skins & stone prints - red poppy, rose, onion skins, red earth pigment, metals rinsed in crystals for extra clarity. 


We are governed by the elements, we encompass Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. 

These elements govern our temperaments and emotions. 



EARTH material and physical strength, endurance, practicality, growth

Grounded, the senses, embodies, here and now, certainty, boundaries, practicality, reality, pragmatism


Direction - North

Rules - Grounding, strength, healing, nature, success, stability, sturdiness, foundations, empathy, fertility, sturdiness, foundations, empathy, fertility, death, rebirth, wisdom

Time - Midnight

Season - Winter

Organs - Corresponds to bones, teeth, spine, connective tissue and liver, spleen, skin and intestines

Colours - Green, brown, black, white, gold

Zodiac - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Tool - Pentacle, salt, crystals, dirt, herbs, wood, plants, flowers

Virtues- Being entered, patience, truth, dependable, thorough

Vices - Dullness, laziness, inconsiderable

Crystals - Emerald, jet, tourmaline, quartz, granite, bedrock, salt, peridot, onyx, jasper, azurite, amethyst

Metals - Iron, lead

Plants - Cedar, cypress, honeysuckle, ivy, magnolia, grains, patchouli, primrose, sage, nuts, oak

Ruling planet - Venus, Saturn


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