Fleurs du mode Scrunqi from our Newest BOTANIKA Collection, is made using the finest OEKO-TEX® Bamboo Silk. Like every women, each piece is unique and created via a process of Hand dying, using natural dyes, vegitables and spices. The base colours are tumeric, onion peels, avocado skins, earth pigments, hermatite and green earth from nicosia. To add to its energy, each batch has the unique touch of Rose Quartz - for purification,

self-love, friendship, deep inner heeling, feelings of peace, encouraging unconditional love as well as Citrine for activating motivation, creativity and self-expression.

The final touch are the added wild flowers. Rose petals, red poppy petals, green tea, medicinal plants, herbs, madder root and red sandal wood creating the unique colour and glorious natural smell of BOTANIQA. The essence of a women, the essence of you. 


BOTANIQA Fleurs Du Monde Scrunqi

  • I am a very delicate product. Please, if you wish to wash me, wash me with care and with similar colours. 

    I may come with the smell of the flowers I have been coloured with, bringing the essence of nature to you:)